Third Party Events Outsourcing Service

– (events that take part on your land only)

We provide a professional, skilled & efficient outsourcing service for your third party events (TPE’s). You can always expect more than you asked for, it’s our philosophy. Managed from enquiry through to agreement, to outsource your TPE process, please call us.

What we offer

  • To manage efficiently the co-ordination and administration of TPE’s held on your  property
  • Allowing employees or you to focus on core business
  • We minimise TPE’s risk exposure
  • Accountability – One point of contact – us
  • We work with your H&S matrix or indeed can develop one for you

What you get

  • Speculative Financial Savings – focus on core business rather than TPE
  • Increased Efficiency and extended business hours
  • Audit Compliant
  • Risks Managed
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • TPE data for analysis
  • Tested TPE process that can be rolled out across your business
  • Consultation & relationship building with stakeholders
  • PR opportunities maximised
  • TPE’s will be COMPLIANT AND AUDITABLE with the service we provide
  • Accurate TPE data can be made available for ANALYSIS